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TFT: Killer DNA Synthesis Technology In The Era Of AI4S

Issuing time:2023-09-19 09:19Author:LinkZill News

We are excited to share our recent R&D progress with you!

By September 2023, LinkZill has developed and assembled four alpha-testing TFT-DNA synthesizers, successfully synthesizing high-quality DNA with various lengths up to 200 nt and a coupling efficiency of 98.5%, and achieved a single-pixel yield at the picomole scale. Also, LinkZill's on-chip DNA yield per unit area is now on par with the industry's predecessors (0.7 ~ 2.2 pmol / mm²). These technical specifications are expected to place us among the top players in high-throughput DNA synthesis.


In the era of AI4S (AI for Science), TFT technology is expected to embrace emerging Design capacities, unlock the key bottlenecks in the Build and Test stages in the R&D loops, and ignite a productivity revolution in life sciences. With the rapid development of synthetic biology, AI-assisted protein design, cell and gene therapies, nucleic acid and polypeptide drug discovery, and spatial genomics, the market demand for high-throughput, fast, low-cost, and accurate DNA synthesis is increasing rapidly.


With LinkZill's TFT Bio-Semiconductor solutions, the experimental tasks that traditionally take years and cost millions of dollars are expected to be completed in just one to two months at a fraction of the cost - less than 2,000 dollars.

Currently, no commercially available technology can deliver oligo pools with lengths over 300 nt. The need for DNA synthesis technology to balance throughput, oligo length, and yield has become even more urgent. With ongoing advances, LinkZill offers unprecedented freedom and imagination regarding throughput, oligo length, and yield.


We are also excited to announce that our first Benchtop TFT-DNA Synthesizer has already been released. Contact us for more information:


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