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Dr. Ye Xiao joins LinkZill as Chief Scientist of Nucleic Acid Chemistry!

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We are excited to announce that Dr. Ye Xiao joined LinkZill as Chief Scientist of Nucleic Acid Chemistry. Welcome to join the bio-semiconductor revolution!

Dr. Ye Xiao received his Ph.D. degree in Biomacromolecules from the University of Bordeaux, CNRS-France. He has worked as a collaborating scientist at the Institute of Lauer-Lanzmann (ILL) in Grenoble and a postdoctoral researcher at the State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments, Tianjin University.

In 2019, he joined LC-Bio Technologies as an expert engineer in DNA synthesis technology and led the team to build a column-based Oligo Synthesis Platform as well as the first high-throughput Digital Photosynthesis Platform in China. Dr. Ye Xiao has presided over and participated in a number of "Synthetic Biology" national key research and development program topics which involved optimizing oligo synthesis process, building quality control system, designing microchip and instrument, applying oligo pools in NGS or data storage development.

In October 2023, Dr. Ye Xiao decided to join LinkZill, aims to combine nucleic acid chemistry with TFT semiconductor technologies for high-throughput, low-cost, and high-efficiency solutions of synthetic biology. Together, we fight for the dream of LinkZill——Make technologies serve people better.

Chief Scientist of Nucleic Acid Chemistry Dr. Ye Xiao said:

When I peacefully thought about the past and future with LinkZill,from being a TFT project collaborator, to a special guest for interviews in the field, and finally a member of the team, I saw the unique shining light that belongs to LinkZill.

「Professional」 Based on TFT, but beyond TFT. As far as the subject itself is concerned, TFT is also a tool platform technology. LinkZill acts as rising waves, has pioneered the journey of the TFT biochip revolution. When I knew they were planning to do this, I felt so happy at first, and then full of expectations.

「Happiness」 "Happiness is a kind of productivity." Whether at work or in daily life, I try my best to have fun and make people happy. After getting to know Feng Linrun,   "Nothing is guaranteed in LinkZill, except happiness."he said, I realized LinkZill team knew how to be happy very well.

「Sincerity」Sincerity is the intersection of sincere attitude and sincere emotions. As early as when I was cooperating with LinkZill, I felt sincerity is hearts full of passion and eyes sparkled with inspiration. As I got to know more about the LinkZill team, I found sincerity is also the sincere unity and cohesion of every member. When I decided to join them, I discovered sincerity is also LinkZill’s sincerity to the purest and most original dream - "Strive to make TFT technology better serve people."

Heart to Heart, @Future. I can imagine the future of working at LinkZill——Work hard, play hard and stay humble.

Partner & CBio Dr. Kang Kang said:

When I first visited LinkZill, I was asked, "If you come, who else is the most vulnerable person we need to make these things happen". My answer was, "a nucleic acid chemistry and surface chemistry expert".   "Xiao Ye", the name of an industry celebrity and net friend that never met, is a perfect fit for this role. Thus, I turned from a prey to a hunter right after joining LinkZill, and participated in the new hunting round that LinkZill has never failed. When I met Dr. Xiao for the first time, "loneliness" was revealed in his words, and then I knew our mission was accomplished. I instantly empathized with Dr. Xiao and remembered my last year at BGI after iGEM. I knew that a person of his ability and energy was also calling for new partners to bring him new motivation and hope.

After that meeting, we recommended Dr. Xiao to our potential investors for external technical interviews, and honestly told them that Dr. Xiao was "a competitor who is both a friend and a foe in our technology selection", and that our relationship was "to mutually provide technical support, and to look forward to a decisive battle in our technical routes". We didn't need such a reputable technical expert to "answer the questions according to our scripts", and we didn't care if he praised or criticized us. We trust his professionalism and honesty can eventually help us. After the expert interview, I sent a message to Dr. Xiao:I know what it's like to stay in a company like this during the fourth or fifth year. If you feel lonely in that mature system, you are always welcome in LinkZill.

Dr. Xiao's reply was:One cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. I look forward to co-creation in the future.

And soon after, that expectation came true. Dr. Xiao transitioned from being a collaborator, to a technical route competitor, to a non-directive interviewee, to a LinkZill staff. It has been just more than a half year. Come on, no one stipulated that a hero has to be alone.

Co-founder & CTO Dr. Zhe Liu said:

The summer has gone and the autumn breeze surely will come. The boss is highly confident, ambition far-reaching all and sured us that Dr. Xiao will also come, BINGO!  

When Dr. Xiao was not come yet, we were all impressed very well by his charm through the co-operation: gentle attitude, passionate emotion, rich learning, extremely dedicated to work without even a penny of sloppy thoughts, just like a warrior!                       

Welcome to join us. Here you can settle down your ideals and comfort your life. Let's go forward together, we will see the willow wadding of Hangzhou with each other, and share the evening sunshine and clear sky.

Founder & Co-CEO Dr. Linrun Feng said:

Looking at the traffic outside the window, feeling the gentle breeze from the air conditioner, drinking coffee in hand, and typing on the keyboard, my heart is so calm and peaceful. Oh, yes, Dr. Xiao is here.

Actually, since junior high school, Chinese has always been my worst subject. I never thought that after the establishment of LinkZill, there would be many opportunities and requirements for me to write my reflection on life. Am I happy? Of course. At the same time, I deeply realized that the role of mission has far exceeded the role I played. Whether I gave life to LinkZill or LinkZill gave me life, I think this will become another chicken and egg problem.

It has been more than two years since I first met Dr. Xiao. I know it's a bit late to say this now, but I really felt it early on that people like Dr. Xiao Ye, who keep his heart with love and his eye on the stars, are hard to escape from LinkZill's damn charm. Today, he really came. From not understanding life science at all, to having Dr. Kang/Dr. Wang/Dr. Xiao, the biological expert in LinkZill team. And now having a deeper understanding of the closed-loop path on the industrialization of bio-semiconductor, everything has brought me back to "Linking zillions of people and technology, linking zillions of hearts with love".

Well, thank you Dr. Xiao Ye. Let's work together! Welcome to join us!


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