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Dr. Chun-Ying Wang from Taiwan joins LinkZill as Senior Synthetic Biology Scientist!

Issuing time:2023-07-18 09:18Author:LinkZill News


We are excited to announce Dr. Chun-Ying Wang from Taiwan joined LinkZill as Senior Synthetic Biology Scientist to achieve our dream of bio-semiconductor revolution together!

Dr. rer. nat. Chun-Ying graduated from the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Terrestrial Microbiology (Germany) and was a postdoctoral researcher at Universität Tübingen Exzellenzcluster CMFI (Germany). She has participated in numerous large-scale research projects, both domestically and internationally. These projects included creating strategies for the dynamic regulation of engineered bacteria to produce high-value products, developing and implementing economical marine organism, and applying cutting-edge molecular biotechnology techniques for industrial biotechnology such as microfluidics, genome editing, and many others.

In 2021, she joined a startup company of synthetic biology and led a team to transform small-scale research technology into large-scale applications for the fermentation industry, ultimately bridging the gap between academia and industry. Specifically, she coordinated the establishment of several biological modules and created functional bio-libraries with the goal of overcoming technological barriers, namely the development of domestic reagents, the promotion of quantitative genetic engineering technologies, etc.

In 2023, Chun-Ying decided to join LinkZill with the aim of integrating the electromechanical industry with biotechnology to create a “New Industry 4.0”. We are developing a series of high-throughput microfluidic chips and intelligent devices to accelerate the R&D processes for talented scientists. With these chips, scientists will no longer endure tedious and labor-intensive experimental processes and can instead focus on pursuing more innovative ideas.

Senior Synthetic Biology Scientist Dr. Chun-Ying Wang said:

We are destined to meet each other from a thousand miles away. With all rigorous practices of being a scientist, the first encounter I had with LinkZill evoked me with endless curiosity. The moment I stepped into LinkZill, I was charmed by the adorable LinkZill's mascot. When I interacted with the enginner team and learned about the remarkable innovated techniques and products left me in awe of LinkZill. Numerous creative ideas on how application of microfluidic chips can help to address biological questions flashed through my mind right away. At this moment, I understood the motivation behind Kang Kang's dedication to LinkZill and felt a strong emotional connection with Linrun and his team. Undeniably, "Linking zillions of hearts with love", the quote from the core values of LinkZill genuinely moves me. I believe a company with its core values coming from love, provides its employees with an equal opportunity to thrive. I am convinced that with all the necessary people joining the team, the breakthroughs in the field of biosemiconductors that we all dream for won't be far away.

I have always been striving to become an interdisciplinary scientist and have the desire to give back to the society. Linrun is committed to making   better technology to serve people and leading the team with truth, goodness, and beauty   which resonates deeply with me. At LinkZill, I see a promising future in the field of biosemiconductors. Therefore, I have decided to join and assist LinkZill in accomplishing the "Avengers Project" and taking it into the market both domestically and internationally.

Partner & CBio Dr. Kang Kang said:

How can we change the world? I hope that no one would have to go through the phases cause the light in their eyes dimmed, their characters smoothed out, or the smiles on their faces fade away when they are drived to find the answers of this question.

Professional, intelligent, direct, and sharp-edged. These are my impressions of Chun-Ying during our over-a-year co-working period. We could start working on a comprehensive research plan without the need to explain it for more than three minutes. We were always resonated with the most exciting application scenarios when sharing a new technique. And when such a partner gets tied up in reality, the "expectation" in her eyes turned into "tolerance", and her smile and sharpness faded away, I think I am obliged to say, "Come on, let's get a fresh start, to meet new interesting people and have fun with more wonderful technologies". Thanks to Chung-Ying for accepting my invitation, our enjoyable collaboration did not come to an abrupt end. And the world will know that we can still smile brightly and that we have not had enough fun yet.

Founder & Co-CEO Dr. Linrun Feng said:

It's such a great pleasure to have Junying join LinkZill! Hope Chun-Ying can find LinkZill a very comfortable and warm place to work and live in. I am sure LinkZill will look after her well in all aspects, including the delicious food for sure!


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