TruEbox 01RC

Portable precision resistance/capacitance

measuring system

TruEbox 02CM

Portable precision current measuring system

TruEbox TFT-IV

Portable electrical test and analysis system

TruEbox 03MR (64×64)

64×64 Matrix Readout System

TruEbox 03MR (256×256)

256×256 Matrix Readout System

TruEbox 04MD (16×16)

16×16 Matrix Driver System

TruEbox 04MD (64×64)

64×64 Matrix Driver System

TruEbox 04MD (256×256)

256×256 Matrix Driver System

TFT Standardized Products

LinkZill collects the needs of our consumers in driving, reading, and testing TFT. Based on these needs, LinkZill launches a series of standard systems that excel in cost-effectiveness, precision, portability, applicability, real-time display, fast storage, and sharing of collected data to provide one-stop service from TFT chip to supporting electronic systems and supporting processing technology.
Life Sciences :
Novel Display :
Systems and Materials :
Novel Sensing :
Digital Microfluidics
DNA synthesis


Perovskite LED



X-ray sensing
OPD/IR sensing
Gas/Pressure sensing
Driving/Readout system
Portable test system
Functional materials
✓ TFT Type: a-Si, IGZO, LTPS, Organic TFT, LTPO, et al.
✓ Substrate (glass or plastic) and size (up to G6.5 line) can be customized.

TFT Customization

LinkZill collects various needs of our customers and customizes the design of TFT chips accordingly. TFT chip design from different customers will be pieced together and integrated for tape-out and manufacturing.

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