What is the History and Organization of LinkZill?

LinkZill was founded in Jan. 2019, headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, with R&D and business development offices in  Cambridge, UK. The department at LinkZill include Technology Product Center, Supply Chain Platform, Marketing Center, Legal Department, Personnel Administration Department, Financial Center, CEO Office.

What is the Main Business of LinkZill?

LinkZill combines TFT semiconductor technology with various fields of life sciences with the TFT semiconductor biochip platform. The platform promotes life sciences in integration, automation, and digitization to spark the productivity revolution of tools for the next-generation life sciences. With the platform as the technical moat, LinkZill has achieved industrial applications in high-throughput DNA synthesis, precise droplet manipulation, in vitro diagnostic IVD, and biological signal sensing.

What are the Core Products and Competitiveness of LinkZill?

LinkZill's core products are thin-film transistor (TFT) semiconductors for biochips, customization, standardized products, and compatible electronic systems for TFT. Compared to traditional methods, TFT chips prevail in high throughput, balanced capacity, high precision, large area, low cost, and expansibility from processing to functionalities. LinkZill excels in proficiency among traditional upstream manufacturing and understanding the emergent downstream needs. These advantages and professional know-how can help LinkZill to handle the scattered needs in the early market today and thrive in the future.

What are the Development and Goals of LinkZill?
With change comes opportunity. As the semiconductor industry transforms, LinkZill will utilize the capacity of the TFT semiconductor industry in the field of life sciences. With life science digitalized, the industry seeks bio-semiconductor technology that allows high throughput, high accuracy, and low cost. These features happen to meet with the TFT's advantages. LinkZill aims to become the global leader in life sciences digitization with broader win-win cooperation.
What is the Technical Team Like in LinkZill?

LinkZill's technical team has decade-long experiences in the R&D for TFT, including process exploration, semiconductor new materials, devices, and circuit research. Our team also excels in life science knowledge, especially in molecular biology, synthetic biology, and intelligent biochemical diagnosis. The rich technical accumulation and R&D experience allows our team to deepen our technical moat with cutting-edge technology like biomedical electronics and array sensor development. Such integration of technological complementarity and deep reserving make LinkZill's technical team unique as young experts. LinkZill thrives on the mature industry and sufficient materials from upstream giants, the comprehensive technical team in-house, and the emergent demand for digitalization in life science downstream. LinkZill aims to promote the application of TFT in life sciences with flexible solutions, reliable integration, and constant development towards a mature industry.

Does LinkZill Offer Option Incentive?
LinkZill offers an option incentive plan for well-performed employees.
What is the Promotion Like in LinkZill?
LinkZill is a fair play where striving meets opportunity.
What is the Personal Development and Training Plan in LinkZill?
LinkZill values your development as our priority. LinkZill offers fair, just, and open opportunities that allow everyone to grow with the company.
What is the Working Ethic of LinkZill?
Lively and Lovey, Factful and Fairfull.
What is the Hiring Standard of LinkZill?
Kind-hearted and full-hearted.
LinkZill is looking forward to welcoming every special YOU!  
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